Stunning Surprise Scenarios to Shock Your Guests!

The Falling Waiter

Imagine the guests reactions when the ‘waiter’ who was just checking in to see how the meal was suddenly drastically trips and falls with a try of spoons creating a loud smash…only for them to spring up from the floor and burst into song!

The Singing Police

Has someone been speeding? Or perhaps the venue has lost their drinks license and the wedding needs to be shut down… A surprise scenario that will leave your guests on the edge of their seats as a suspicious looking police man bursts into song!

The Pizza Delivery

Someone not enjoying their wedding meal? The best way to play a prank on one of your friends who is addicted to Pizza or fast-food. Imagine everyones reaction when the pizza delivery driver calls out there name and order saying they owe £40 for their order.. they never placed! Only to throw the boxes up into the air and burst into song. 

The Cake Drop

Perhaps you would like to surprise a guest with a birthday or anniversary cake at your wedding, while everyone is singing happy birthday the waiter suddenly trips and falls smashing the cake to the ground. As guests cringe and laugh others will few will go over to help this poor waiter only to be shocked as he burst into song!


The Chef's Last Day

Imagine your guests reactions when the chef comes out of the kitchen after their main course. He announces it’s his final working day before leaving the venue and to get his going away present the other lads in the kitchen has had a bet with him that he needs to sing you a song. After nervously and badly singing 10 second’s of ‘Daisy, Daisy’  he runs out of the room, only for the music to being and him to burst back in and get the party started!

The Deliveroo Driver

Who doesn’t love a wee sneaky takeaway? It’s even better when an unsuspecting guest orders one to your wedding 🫢 it’s sure to lead to only one thing – a surprise party! 😍
Imagine the look on your guest’s face when they are presented with a bill for the takeaway they ‘never ordered’ 🙃 only for our delivery driver to burst into song.

The Undercover Guest

Weddings are full of family and friends that we all haven’t seen in a very long time.. but what if amongst your real family there is an undercover guest(s) in disguise, mingling with your guests, creating a falsified story of who they know you only to take the mic to do a toast to the happy couple but burst into song – shocking everyone!

Now is the time to give your guests aa surprise they will never forget!

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