In a Nutshell...

What exactly is Singers Secreto ?

Broadway voices

We represent only the best singers from Ireland and the UK. Check out some of our videos for examples of their voices in action!

Hidden in Disguise

If we weren’t singers, we’d be spies! Hidden as a guest or hotel worker, we blend into the crowd to make what comes next a shock!

Surprise Entertainment

A 30 minute show is provided following a shock entrance, depending upon the scenario chosen!

Unique Wedding

If you want to stand out, look no further. How many weddings have you been to where there has been a Singing Waiter?

Lets start at the very beginning

Have you ever seen a Singing Waiter?
Make your wedding or corporate event unique with a group of singing waiters

Why have we made it our mission to represent the best Singing Waiter across the UK and Ireland? Let's start at the beginning... In the Summer of 2016 we recognised that individual wedding singers were working the wedding circuit in the UK and Ireland but found it really difficult to advertise and connect with future couples. We decided that things needed a shake up and Singers Secreto was formed. Singers Secreto are a booking agency that represents a number of artists across the UK and Ireland and matches potential customers with the performers.

While it is enjoyable to see a group of professionals perform, who doesn't like the element of surprise? Singing waiters, a singing photographer, a singing guest, how absurd! But it works! We have had countless happy couples, as well as company CEOs, tell us that they have received such positive feedback from their guests on how much they loved the shock and awe of the whole experience.

So how can we say we represent the best singers across the UK and Ireland? Well our singers have performed in productions of 'Les Miserables', 'West Side Story' and 'Phantom of the Opera' to name but a few! Each singer we have engaged with has been handpicked from auditions held all over Ireland to ensure we use only the best for your Singing Waiters experience.

  • We have had a 100% happy brides to date

  • Without a doubt we provide you with the best value for your money

  • The team have been preforming for a total of 32 years combined

  • All your guests will be clapping along during the entire performance

Below is a small preview of the voices of Singers Secreto, the #1 Singing Waiters in the UK and Ireland!

Other crowd pleasers we perform include, ‘Proud Mary’, ‘That’s Amore’, ‘Sweet Caroline’, ‘Big Spender’, ‘Galway Girl’, ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’, ‘I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’, and ‘New York, New York’, to name but a few!


The Scenarios

Choose from a range of different hidden characters - Click on each one to discover more

The Waiter

You have just finished up your desert and you hear a crash! You turn to find that a clumsy waiter has spilled a whole tray of drinks. With all attention on them, the Waiter bursts into song!

The Chef

What goes well with a Wedding banquet? Amazing entertainment from an Opera Singing Chef! Why not accompany the Singing Chef with an Opera Singing Waiter.

The Police

Oh no! There’s been an accident in the car park and someones car has been damaged. Imagine the shock on your guests faces when the Police burst into song for a spectacular show.

The Wedding Guest

Who is that guest sitting at your wedding that no one knows? She’s one of us! Travelling all over Ireland to provide your wedding with an amazing rendition of many famous opera songs!

The Photographer

She can do more than just take photos! A quick last minute photo of the bride and groom among the crowd is quickly turned into a one of a kind show. Again, why not pair with a Singing Waiter?

The Wedding Planner

Your planner comes out to ensure there are no last minute tweaks to be made only to provide your guests with the best show of their lives! Shes not only the best wedding planner in Ireland, she can sing too!

So what do our clients have to say about us?

Some of our favourite reviews from happy customers.

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